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All willow is from sustainable materials and hand made by artisans who work in a factory totally supported by the importers. All workers have ideal working conditions and receive above average wages, all employees are 17 and above

Hampers & Baskets

  • The Antique Wash Rose Lined...

    Price: £24.24

  • The Antique Wash Stair Basket

    Price: £23.98

  • The Stair Basket

    Price: £21.62

  • The Magazine Rack Basket

    Price: £20.40

  • The Lakeside Fishing Creel

    Price: £29.29

  • The Trout Creel

    Price: £19.90

  • The Mini Market Basket with...

    Price: £8.98

  • The Mini Market Shopping...

    Price: £8.08

  • The Small Shopping Basket

    Price: £13.70

  • The Mini Provence Shopper

    Price: £3.18

  • The Little May Shopping Basket

    Price: £3.26

  • The Provence Sauce Bottle...

    Price: £5.71

  • The Provence Wine Cradle

    Price: £6.53