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All willow is from sustainable materials and hand made by artisans who work in a factory totally supported by the importers. All workers have ideal working conditions and receive above average wages, all employees are 17 and above

Popular Gifts in this Category

  • Gluten Free On Your Wedding...

    Price: £30.50

  • Gluten Free Take a Break

    Price: £30.50

  • Gluten Free Tea for Mum

    Price: £18.95

  • Gluten Free Tea for Dad

    Price: £18.95

  • Gluten Free Tea for One

    Price: £18.95

  • Gluten Free Tea for Two

    Price: £30.95

  • Gourmet Supper Christmas Gift...

    Price: £55.00

  • Green Tomato Chutney

    Price: £2.25

  • Hamlets Assorted Gold Box

    Price: £4.76

  • Happy 25th Anniversary Gift...

    Price: £36.95

  • Happy 30th Anniversary Gift...

    Price: £36.95

  • Happy 40th Anniversary Gift...

    Price: £36.95

  • Happy Anniversary Gift Hamper

    Price: £36.95

  • Happy Birthday

    Price: £30.96

  • Hendersons Crisp

    Price: £3.46