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All willow is from sustainable materials and hand made by artisans who work in a factory totally supported by the importers. All workers have ideal working conditions and receive above average wages, all employees are 17 and above

Popular Gifts in this Category

  • Honey Mustard

    Price: £1.73

  • How Neighbourly! Christmas...

    Price: £31.94

  • Individual Brandy Christmas...

    Price: £9.04

  • Irish Whiskey Cream Sauce

    Price: £3.85

  • Jamican Rum Liqueur Cake

    Price: £3.82

  • Just Deserts Gift Hamper

    Price: £15.09

  • Just Deserts Stollen

    Price: £18.19

  • Just Jams Gift Hamper

    Price: £16.25

  • Just Nuts Christmas Hamper

    Price: £21.34

  • Just Relish This Gift Hamper

    Price: £16.25

  • Large Antique Wash Flat Open...

    Price: £3.02

  • Large Boozy Christmas

    Price: £44.31

  • Large Excelcium Pralines

    Price: £5.51

  • Large Flat Antique Wash Heart

    Price: £3.18

  • Large Golf Hamper

    Price: £70.69